A little about
Dachshund Rescue & Support of Hawai'i
and our
Hawai'i Wiener Derby

DRSH Mission:

~ Rescue & rehome dachshunds to their forever home.

~ Provide scholarships to dachshunds who need IVDD surgery & other medical needs

~ Provide scholarships to dachshunds who need training to reduce fear aggression trauma

~ Actively 
support our veterans through companionship of our beloved, fearless dachshund community.

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How it works 

Hawai'i Wiener Derby is an annual dachshund event entering its seventh year. They are not serious races and we do not advocate dog racing for betting or competing. This is a fun event for families and their pets. All are welcome to attend and attendance for spectators is free. Please join us as we raise money to care for sick or displaced dachshunds.

Onsite sign-in will be at the Dachshunds Race Tent. Onsite sign-in starts 1 hour before races. Dachshunds should be signed in at least 30 minutes before their race.

Race Descriptions:
Puppy – 4 months to 1 year old
Adult – 1 year to 9 year old
Senior – 9 year +
Hapa - Mixed dachshunds
Disabled will be either a stand alone race or with the seniors, depending on the number of registrants.

There will be a Champion Race for adult division to declare winner. Each winner of the championship race will receive a gift and a medal. All participants receive a special gift.

Race Fee • $25.00 - includes entrance fee to race for 1 dog and 2 handlers.

Please Remember…
All creatures great and small are welcome to attend the event. Due to the number of dogs racing, the event will take place most of the morning into the early afternoon to conduct. Please understand you may have a wait time between races before your dog participates. Bring a tent and/or chair to relax while awaiting your heat. Kualoa is either hot or rainy so be prepared for various weather conditions.  Please be sure your dog is well-socialized and leashed at all times. The only serious thing about this race is FUN!!!!

Our history

In 2008, two dachshund owners were sitting at their makeshift dog area at Ala Wai Park (before the doggy park there became a thing) in the baseball field and one said to the other, "So where's the dachshund races on the island?" The other said, "There isn't one!" And that where it all started.

We quickly organized a small team and secured a place at the Hawaiian Humane Society's Doggy Game Day at Thomas Square. The first year we had 75 dogs and LOTS of spectators.

By 2014, the number of dachshunds racing grew to 200 with vendors, photographers, television and media asking to be a part of this hilarious family event.


Our first race! Game day was great at Hawaiian Humane Socity Game Day! We were nervous but we pulled it off and everyone had a grand time!


The second year brought an 100 dachsunds to show their skills! Again, a beautigul day at Thomas Square with HHS Game day.


The race at HHS Game Day continues to grow to 150 participants and we begin having puppy and senior races!


Every year at HHS Game Day proves to be a success with great announcers and photographers, and 175 dachshunds running!


Once again at HHS Game Day, the race had grown to huge proportions with 200 dachshunds. Sadly, it would be the last year of HHS Game Day.


The Aikau family was generous enough to allow us to hold the derby on their property. Activities such as a Barn hunt demonstration and doggy nail painting were present. 


Brought back by popular demand after seven year hiatus! And everyone showed! Over 300 people at beautiful Kualoa Ranch. A Jurassic success!


We will be collaborating with the Hawaiian Humane Society Pet Walk this year at Kapi'olani Park in Waikiki! A great location for family fun! And back on grass again!


Dachshund Rescue & Support Hawai'i has helped our local dachshund community find forever dachshund-friendly homes for dozens of rescues and rehomes.

Fear aggression  scholarships

Dachshunds who have been either treated as lap dogs or abused & traumatized can develop fear aggression. We will help provide training for them and hope they can be saved.

IVDD scholarships

Last year we helped a dachshund get their surgery and wheels! We will continue to work with vets and rescues across the islands to care for our ween ohana. It takes a village!

Veteran Companions

One of our missions is to support our veterans through companionship of our beloved, fearless dachshund community.