Rules & Regulations

Forgive us; there a a lot of rules, we know. Most of these might sound stern, but they were made because we have had issues in the past races. We want to have a fun event, but there's always that one person. We love and care for our dachshund ohana and their families, but want to avoid a day spoiler. Please read the rules carefully before coming. Mahalo!

1. Must be a Dachshund or mix breed dachshund (hapa)

2. All Doxies (purebred or mixed breed) need to be registered. Registration can be obtained online or day of race.

3. All owners must agree to their registration release in the provided location or their registration will be void. Refunds will not be given if release forms are not provided.

4. Participants agree to allow video/photos and all media publications of themselves and dogs.

5. All humans are required to sign a consent and waiver releasing event sponsors and volunteers from all liabilities.

6. Please, please, please! Participants MUST pay attention to when your heat is coming up! We know you are all having so much fun with all the weens but you must pay attention to the race progress. Announcer will call you ahead of time and heat board will show how close we are to your heat. Meet at the track entrance for line up and check in 15 minutes before your race begins. WE WILL NOT WAIT! If you do not show up for your heat you could be moved to the end of the day or not race at all if all heats are full. NO REFUNDS FOR NO SHOWS!

7. TWO HUMAN LIMIT ON TRACK(this includes children) can accompany each dog; a releaser and a catcher. If you have more than one dachshund with you, the other must stay off the course while one is racing. Please have someone watch your other dog while racing the contestant. The releaser puts the dog in the shoot. If there is only one of you, go to the front of the gate and start walking backwards towards the finish line, and calling your dogs name to get his attention. NO tossing or pushing of dogs. Line up behind the human line as instructed by the volunteers. The catcher must stay clearly BEHIND the HUMAN line ten feet behind the finish line. Only one catcher at the finish line per dog. After your dog has finished, please exit as soon as possible so we may line up for the next race. It may be helpful to watch a video of a past race to get an idea.

8. You can have a favorite toy to encourage your dog. No treats or food permitted on the track.

9. Please be aware of veterinary emergency clinics locations before the day of the race just in case. There may be some on-site vet First Aid. All injury costs are responsibility of participant.

10. A winner is declared when the first dog crosses the finish line. If it is close between 2 dogs, the first nose to cross the finish line wins by photo finish.

11. All Judges Rulings are final!

12. No selling of dogs, puppies or any other animals at the derby.

13. ABSOLUTELY no mishandling or physical abuse of dogs will be tolerated.

14. DO NOT leave animals in car. Event staff reserves the right to involve the proper authorities if an animal is deemed at risk.

15. All dogs must be socialized and leashed. NO FEMALES IN HEAT!!

16. All creatures great and small must clean up after themselves-PLEASE bring waste bags.

17. Dogs must wear their heat color hanky to participate in each heat. Owners will receive this upon registration check in and may keep after the race!